2017 Ford F350

Friday, November 6th 2015. | Ford

2017 Ford F350 is a new super duty truck by the Ford. This car has the high performance in accelerate and the top speed because the engine specification is great. The other improvement will happen in the exterior and interior. Based on the rumor, the popularity will be gotten by 2017 F350 in the next year.

2017 Ford F350 Front Angle


Well, after talk about the powerful of this new car, now move to the change in exterior side. The body of 2017 Ford F350 is bigger than previous model. Besides that, the bodywork will use the nice material that has the better quality in weight. The material is lightweight. It can reduce the weight of this new Ford F350 model. Besides that, the front side will also get new design and new shape as usual. The new bumper, new grille, and new lights will complete the features of front side. The features will have the nice shape. This new F350 series will be look aggressive and attractive.


Talk about the interior side of this new vehicle. Compared with the predecessor, the 2017 Ford F350 will be look better and more modern. The high technology systems inside will complete the features inside. The safety system and the infotainment systems have the better quality for making the enjoyable and safety when driving. Besides that, the other features such as the audio and navigating system will also get new style. In the dashboard, the manufacturer will give the instrument panel with new layout for making the better look.


The 2017 Ford F350 will develop monster torque. It caused by the engine specification under its hood is great and amazing. Based on the rumor, this new F350 model will use the similar of engine systems with the previous model. The engine system that will be applied is a 6.7 liter V8 engine. It is the high quality of engine. Besides that, the greatness under the hood not only happens in the engine but also the transmission. The transmission that will be paired with the engine is 10-speed transmission. In brief, the improvement under the F350’s hood will have the high performance. This new F350 model will reach the high fuel economy and the top speed.

Release Date and Price

The Ford does not give the information about the release date and the price tag. Based on the rumor, the 2017 Ford F350 will be launched in the next year, 2016. Nevertheless, there is no information about the base price. Therefore, the base price cannot be predicted.