2017 Ford Falcon

Monday, December 21st 2015. | Ford

Besides pickup and sport car model, the Ford Company tries to produce a new sedan car that will be popular in automobile industry that is 2017 Ford Falcon. This car comes with new improvement in several sides. Because of the great modification by the manufacturer, this car will have high price. As the result, the 2017 Falcon will be the best generation in its class.

2017 Falcon


We have talked about the power hood of this car. Now, we talk about the new design and new shape in the exterior side. Based on the rumor, the 2017 Ford Falcon will get the minor improvement. However, the front parts will get new shape such as the grille and the headlights. The grille will be an iconic large trapezoidal and the headlights will be thinner. As the result, the new Falcon model will be aggressive look.


Nevertheless, there is no detail information about the new design of interior. According to the rumor, the better technology system will be applied in the 2017 For Falcon such as the infotainment system and safety system. The technology systems inside will give an enjoyable, comfortable, and safety when driving. Besides that, the design inside is look stylish and modern.


The new Ford Falcon still uses EcoBoost technology under its hood. The EcoBoost offers several engine specification for the 2017 Ford Falcon. One of the engines has the high quality. First, a 5.0 liter V8 engine will be placed for this car. This engine has the high output that is 400 horsepower. Besides that, the Ecoboost also offers the engine specification depends on the trim level. A 2.0 liter Ecoboost turbocharged engine will be placed in the base trim. Meanwhile, the top trim level will use an Ecoboost supercharged engine. The specifications of power hood have the better quality in performance. As the result, the new Falcon can reach the better fuel economy and maximum speed.

Release Date and Price

Possibility, the 2017 Ford Falcon will have the expensive price. It depends on the high quality under the hood and the stylish design concept. The company gives the competitive price in automotive industry. The price will start $80.000. Meanwhile, the release date cannot be estimated. According to the rumor, this new vehicle will launch in the global auto market in the end of 2016 or even in early 2017.