2017 Hummer H4

Thursday, March 3rd 2016. | Hummer

The new model of 2017 Hummer H4 designed to people who are seeking a safe, memorable adventure as well as exhilarating. Besides that, this new model designed to have the brave and adventurous of spirit so this car will actually represents your personality. Besides that, the new Hummer H4 will arrive with bold new features in both exterior and interior sides. The new design of this car has been boosted to fit the needs of buyers. The comfort, speed and elegance will be improved to be better than previous model, so the 2017 H4 will be the best choice for travelling. Therefore, we have to consider the purchase of this vehicle.

2017 Hummer H4 Front Angle


The exterior design will have unique and stylish look. It will make new Hummer H4 be tough. Besides that, the exterior sides will have new attributes to catch the attention of buyers, There will be new headlights and new bumper to support the 2017 Hummer H4. Therefore, the attributes give aggressive and masculine look for this vehicle. Besides that, the latest Hummer H4 will be available in some different colors. Therefore, the buyers have option to choose this vehicle depending on the customer preferences.

Talk about the interior sides that will come out with highly comfortable. This car will als have noise free in all terrain conditions even on the rougher and more challenging terrains. 2017 Hummer H4 will give the best experience for the driver and passenger. Then the cabin has new refreshment with the stylish accents and quality upholstery. We will also find the latest high technology system to give enjoyable in driving. There will be new multiple LCD touch screen display, an infotainment system, Bluetooth technology, new mp3 player as well as new sound audio system as the top of line.


Under the hood of latest Hummer H4 will be powered with a 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 engine. The new technology will deliver output of 350 horsepower. Besides that, the engine will give better fuel consumption for the 2017 Hummer H4. It will give impressive performance than the previous model.

Release Date and Price

There is no information of the exact date of release because the company has no confirmed officially. Based on the rumor, the 2017 Hummer H4 will be introduced in the 2017. Then the price tag will go around $40.000.

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