2018 Audi A9

Tuesday, October 11th 2016. | Audi

If you think that it is impossible to create a new car with the design combination of luxury sedan and stylish sports car, then you have to re-think it. Obviously, Audi can show you this concept when they are done with 2018 Audi A9. As what we predicted, it will be the most luxurious and expensive model that Audi can produce. Its showcase will be started next year. We glad that there are some advanced technologies added to complete the overall part.

2018 Audi A7 Front Angle


Outside, the visual design completes its aggressive look, thanks for the bigger front grille. Besides, there will be LED headlights, 17-inch of alloy wheels and other improvements. We think that they are possible to drop the current weight for 2018 Audi A9. What Audi only needs to do is revising all imperfection in the current model so that there will be a flawless design for this new car.

The company seems give better improvements for this new generation. The cabin will be built with relaxing atmosphere to give you high level of convenience for driving experience. The original leather will be covered the seat and the insets are made of wooden. Even there are some more materials to use for its higher quality. 2018 Audi A9 for the technology, it will go with new approach such as stereo component, large LCD screen for infotainment, rear parking sensors, cruise control, satellite navigation and blind spot monitoring. It sounds that the company wants to be all out when it comes to cabin comfort and equipment. We expect that this luxurious sedan has more new features inside.


Under the hood, there will be 3.0 liter and FSI engine for 2018 Audi A9 which is capable to produce the amount of output about 300 hp. It is designed to complete the base model and the top model will go with V8 engine to produce high output that is about 597 hp. It all happens with the use of MSB platform.

Release Date and Price

As other new cars, if you want to get the best upgrading design, it means that you have to spend more dollars than the standard. The price of 2018 Audi A9 can be about $140,000. Our reliable sources mentioned that there is a big indication if the company will release it in the beginning of 2018. It will be a modern car that will come first for US market.

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