2018 BMW I3

Monday, September 5th 2016. | BMW

You might have known that German automaker, BMW announced officially for their new 2018 BMW I3. They also confirmed that they will use new battery pack to work for longer range. The battery that will be used is Samsung 94 Ah battery. As we know that the previous model was released three years ago and its unique design was completed with body from carbon fiber as well as electric engine unit. Now, it is prepared as a luxury car to deal with the stiff competition since Tesla Model S came with great sales record in US market that was more than 25,000 sales in 2015. The second great sale was Nissan Leaf with 17,269 sales and Chevrolet Volt PHEV was the third. BMW with this at that time was the forth fourth.

2018 BMW i3 Front Angle


BMW has a great plan to complete the exterior with carbon fiber. That is why the body design is quite lightweight. It is also available with the moon roof option that was not presented for US buyers which makes people happy to know that.

What you can see inside 2018 BMW I3 is the GPS navigation and leather upholstery to cover the seats. The parking assistance, lane changer and sensors are their highlight for the safety features to avoid any crashing. You can pick the interior wood trim that is based on your personal demand. The available options are dark oak wood mated with eucalyptus wood for the dash panels. Besides, there is a back-up rear camera to support driver with various colors like pro-tonic blue and black for the most favorite option. Use the Wi-Fi connectivity if you want to monitor the battery charging in its engine.


As we have mentioned at the very first beginning that 2018 BMW I3 will be featured with new battery. This battery has higher capacity that can increase the performance by 50 percent. It can go about 33 kilowatt-hours while the current is only 22 kwh. The battery is capable to reach 114 miles mixed driving and the fuel thank has bigger capacity that is around 2.4 gallons more from the current 1.9 gallons. There is also an electric motor installed at the rear to generate the amount of output about 170 hp and 184 pound-feet of torque. It only takes about 7 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph.

Release Date and Price

We do expect that it is ready for the dealership especially in Germany in the end of 2017 even if there is no official statement yet up to now. It should be available to retail about $43,395.