2018 BMW X7

Tuesday, October 11th 2016. | BMW

Born as a luxury car automaker, BMW has been reported by many unofficial automotive sites to offer the new 2018 BMW X7. Well, it was rumored for the first time in 15 years ago and since then, the company never gave us any detailed information to keep our curiosity alive. Now, everything sounds a bit clear after waiting it quite long. BMW will support this SUV to cover medium-to-large segment. There are some assumptions we can make for this sports luxury car with new architecture that was announced by BMW with the shared elements from X models.

2018 BMW X7 Front Angle


2018 BMW X7 will be completed with some significant changes to enhance its current styling. There will be usual massive bumper for its front as well as kidney grille design. The air intakes are also bigger than before with more aggressive look. Besides, the wheelbase is larger which can be about 17 to 18-inch and the aerodynamic body shape to give improved handling. About the materials, these are quite light with the use of carbon fiber massively on its bodywork and the use of high-strength steel as well as aluminum will only cover some important part so that the car can be lighter than before and this way can give better fuel economy.

What we can expect from the cabin is still hard to see. But, we are pretty sure that BMW always great to offer luxury car. It means that several updates for technology features are possible. Even they might be preparing few new features to complete this 2018 BMW X7 such as Bluetooth, BOSE audio system, satellite navigation, USB and others.


About the engine, the US market likely will receive V8 gasoline and inline-six engine that will be fitted with 3.0 liter of capacity and six-cylinder engine that is capable to generate the amount of output about 500 hp and ZF eight-speed auto transmission. BMW is quite great in the term of engine also. Plug-in hybrid and straight-six diesel units might be presented too. 2018 BMW X7 is also quite potential to get six and eight cylinder engine configurations on their petrol to offer 400 hp.

2018 BMW X7 Release Date and Price

2018 BMW X7 can be released sometime in 2017 and the price range can be from $75,000 and above. This car will be important for BMW because it will answer some strong rivals such as Lincoln Navigator, Audi Q7 and others.