2018 Ford F150

Wednesday, February 8th 2017. | Ford

Recently, we saw the Atlas Concept and that Ford has big indication to create the new 2018 F150 based on this concept which is still their way since 2015. It will get mid-cycle refresh to complete the 2018 season. We glad that we write here with something, the spy photos. The vehicle was spotted in Dearborn, Michigan with the test track and we saw few changes around it. It will go with the V6 Ecoboost turbocharged engine and 3.5 liter, new ten-speed auto transmission and the Raptor has been confirmed to come in 2017.

2018 Ford F150 Front Angle

2018 Ford F150 Exterior

Don’t expect to see any revolutionary changes around the vehicle including the grille. Surely they provide some modifications. We expect that it has redesigned bumpers, headlights, taillights and tailgate. These changes wouldn’t make it exceptional but it is helpful to make the new 2018 Ford F150 is a bit different from the predecessor. The company wouldn’t touch some parts. Everything is still the same and some parts only will be refreshed.

2018 Ford F150 Interior

2018 Ford F150 is still unknown because we have no reliable reports on hands. From the first look, it doesn’t have any changes around the size and it is what we can tell. We believe that everything might be the same but some minor technology updates are possible.

2018 Ford F150 Engine

The engine design is also difficult to talk but it seems possible to see some signs. We found two important signs that are hard to see on the very first look. Based on the photos, it has a sign of compression-ignition engine. It also has venture-styled exhaust pipe to reduce gas emissions which is basically the part of diesel. Besides, if you zoom the rear window, there will be alphanumeric code which can tell you about 3.0 liter under the bonnet. If this comes to be true, it means that the new 2018 Ford F150 might be installed with 3.0 liter diesel unit that can be the same as the Range Rover’s. It has six-cylinder that is capable to work for 254 hp and 440 lb-ft of torque power. On the other side, we are expecting to see hybrid unit with 2.7 liter and six-cylinder EcoBoost to complete the lineup but it takes more time to know the details such as the EPA rating, top speed and acceleration.

2018 Ford F150 Release Date and Price

It is impossible to see it soon as 2018 Ford F150, but it might be available during 2017. The price wouldn’t be too far from the previous model.