2018 Ford Lightning

Sunday, October 2nd 2016. | Ford

Ford implicitly declare that they are ready for the automotive competition in the future market by presenting the new 2018 Ford Lightning with their latest innovation, technologies and modernization. It is a popular automaker that has been producing many great cars and this is one of the options. We do know well that the previous Ford Lighting was very popular and now, the company has the new F-150 truck.  Next year, we will see the launch for this F-150 Lighting.

2018 Ford Lightning Front Angle


Before, the first generation was designed to complete SVT sport lineup in 1993 and it was built to challenge the Chevy 454SS. Then they re-launched it for 1999 with smaller engine. Until 2014, the sale was quite good and after it was discontinued for about 12 years, 2018 Lightning should be a hit. The company might give some major redesigns especially for the materials to keep it lightweight while carrying over some iconic parts. We also believe that the cosmetic details will be updated to give fresh look and more modern because the car has not been available since 12 years from now. Therefore, a big fresh look is totally important for its new appearance.

How about the cabin design? Our reliable source cannot reveal many things yet. So, what we can give you is only in form of expectation. We do expect that this new generation will be completed with high comfort. It might get updated infotainment system to help driver easily knows about the truck status especially for its performance. Besides, it would be great if this truck comes with better security systems to allow driver gets best protection during driving this truck at anytime.


No much information we can gain for the performance to complete this upcoming model. What we expect is that the engine is powerful and even more than the base model. It sounds a bit linked to Ford Raptor because the engine is possible to be used and shared in this 2018 Ford Lightning. It can be V8 engine instead of V6 Ecoboost. It is still hard to know whether they will use supercharged or twin-turbo. We are pretty sure that the engine will be improved significantly for more than 500 hp.

Release Date and Price

2018 Ford Lightning will hit the market after the company released the base, but there is no confirmation yet for its schedule. It should enter the market after the regular F-150 and we expect that it can be in the middle of 2018 or before it. The price can be more than the regular F-150 model.