2018 Ford Territory

Saturday, December 10th 2016. | Ford

Ford wants to give another chance for the Ford Territory. Rumors were explaining that there will be several possible changes and Ford considered running to update their SUV. 2018 Ford Territory will come out sometime in 2018 and the main market will be Australian. Ford wants to impress its potential buyers by presenting high quality design. Still based on rumors, it will get lighter bodywork compared to the previous model. This is a great way for Ford to give fuel saving design.

2018 Ford Territory Front Angle

2018 Ford Territory Exterior

There will be some redesigned parts around this crossover. Since 2018 Territory will be developed, of course there will be some positive moves to provide. It has sportier look and it is more aggressive design then the previous model. This SUV will be modernized. The use of aluminum and carbon fiber materials will cut the current weight which can give better fuel saving. They will enhance the styling with bigger air vents for bolder look, LED lamps for better visibility and big alloy wheels for its stable performance.

2018 Ford Territory Interior

A stylish and elegant cabin design will be the mark of its new loom. Ford will upgrade the safety features to make it well accepted on the market. Now, the 2018 Ford Territory will be equipped by better climate control, ventilation system, large LCD screen at the center of the dashboard and the optional navigation system. It is possible to say that the improvement around the cabin is more than just enough to give high level of comfort and functionality.

2018 Ford Territory Engine

Move on the engine side, it is still under the development. We couldn’t find any available information for the complete engine details such as the acceleration and top speed. This SUV is predicted to use V6 engine and 2.7 liter to generate 350 HP and 400 lb-ft of torque with the support of turbocharger. There is also bigger engine to provide more output which can be about up to 400 HP. The transmission is in final development stage which will be eight-speed automatic. For the fuel economy, the 2018 Ford Territory has 25 mpg combined. We also do not know whether it will go with all-wheel or front-wheel drive.

2018 Ford Territory Release Date and Price

Its debut could happen during 2018 and the 2018 Ford Territory should be presented about $50,000 for the basic versions. You have to spend $10,000 more if you want to take the higher model.