2018 Ford Thunderbird

Thursday, September 8th 2016. | Ford

Ford is still working on their new brand 2018 Thunderbird to answer the demand of stylish and attractive car in the future market. It is predicted to be the best weapon that Ford can present especially for sedan segment. The predecessor is also quite popular which means that Ford has a big task to make it much better than before so people can see the real development on it. It would be weird if it is launched without any significant improvements at all. Therefore, what Ford plans for future is that to give modern materials and stylish design for this classic old car and rumors said that it might come out with better engine efficiency without losing its traditions.

2018 Ford Thunderbird view


This car can impress you easily when you see the exterior design. It will be redesigned with something different from other new premium sedans. 2018 Ford Thunderbird can stand out among the competitors because it comes with special retro style that has modern twist. What we cannot patiently wait is the materials that will be lowered in weight to support its improved fuel economy to achieve the goal of enhancing the stability. It leads our expectation that there are some possible modifications like revised fog lights, taillights, headlights, grille, side mirrors and the last is the windscreen. Still based on rumors, it might come with new bumper, wheels and headlights. The front hood is completed with the logo design. It also has 18-inch of alloy wheels. The oval front grille and front bumper will complete the front end.

Even you can see a significant change inside the cabin because the replacement of its roof. 2018 Ford Thunderbird might give you something more such as black leather seats upholstery for both rear and front of the car. The leather is also used for the dashboard as well as the steering wheel and lever. The yellow strips of aluminum are also presented. For a more stunning design, the interior is completed with modern features to give you better security than before. It is not the end. You can also find high excitement like LCD camera, speakers, MP3 and stereo sound system.


To give best performance, this sports car will be installed with V8 engine and AJ-35 features VVT technology system for a high performance output that can be about 280 hp and 388 Nm of torque. This output will be delivered with the use of five-speed auto transmission for 2018 Ford Thunderbird.

Release Date and Price

2018 Ford Thunderbird must be available in the second half of 2016 and the price should not be more than $45,000 for the base. However, no exact information has been released by Ford yet.

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