2018 Lexus CT

Monday, December 12th 2016. | Lexus

We can say that a great car has old look just because two things. First, it can be the old platform and second is because the outdated engine. When these two components are untouched by even a high automaker, believe us that it would be hard to create a great selling record on future market. As we know, this is the problem we can see in the Lexus CT. Its previous launch was made in 2011 which was the good option for buyers with the demand of rich technology just like in the Prius but has great fuel economy and the price tag was up to $32,000 for the base. Although everything was so good at that time, they couldn’t handle the newer rivals. Therefore, 2018 Lexus CT will come out as a new car with the new platform.

2018 Lexus CT Front Angle

2018 Lexus CT Exterior

The company will provide it to complete the same target buyers as before, but surely they give some changes to complete the outer part of the car. It is reported by some unofficial websites that the new 2018 CT will be released with the support of slight sportier design. They will also tweak the running gear to give greater driving experience. As we mentioned above that it will use new platform that will also underpin the all new Prius. This platform is highly modular to give more rigid performance and the bodywork is lighter than the previous model. When you see the outer part of this car, you may say that some parts are a bit similar to the all new LC coupe because they share components. It has new front end with the current Lexus spindle grille, new headlights and new bumpers for its more aggressive look and the last is improved drag coefficient to deal with its fuel efficiency as well as running noise.

2018 Lexus CT Interior

2018 Lexus CT should give us higher level of quality. They should keep the high standard equipment, especially if they want to create it as the winner on market competition. Likely they have big attention to the security systems by adding some new features such as frontal collision warning and avoidance, cross-traffic detection, advanced lane-keeping assist system and others. Buyers can take optional sport package with the new seats, better side bolsters, Alcantara as well as carbon fiber inserts and premium cloth upholstery.

2018 Lexus CT Engine

Even in its design, they create the car to have best fuel consumption which is the part of their concern too. 2018 Lexus CT doesn’t need to use the same engine as the Prius, but it only needs some revisions. It will use 1.8 liter of naturally aspirated petrol engine that is designed with electric motor to provide about 121 hp and more than 120 lb-ft of torque. There is CVT unit for its gearbox and it is completed as front-wheel drive system. About the fuel economy, it can be more than 50 MPG on average and this is a big improvement. Sadly, it doesn’t have impressive top speed and straight line performance, but there is a very capable suspension system as well as new low-profile tires that will improve its cornering.

2018 Lexus CT Release Date and Price

2018 Lexus CT is predicted to come in the end of 2017 with the price tag about $30,000 or more for the base.