2018 Toyota Camry

Friday, January 20th 2017. | Toyota

About the incredible sales record, Toyota spent many years to achieve it. The Camry was not like the current model, but all things happened because their hard work. Now, they won with their adorable design to keep the life of Camry and again, they are going to launch the new 2018 Toyota Camry. It is true that so far, Toyota has not made any official announcement yet, but many unofficial reports mentioned that they will work for all-new car. They will do the same for the all new Prius and they are designing new modular architecture as the base for most of their cars. It seems that the latest Camry will go with this new chassis so it has better rigidity, higher performance and more new features.

2018 Toyota Camry Front Angle

2018 Toyota Camry Exterior

The support of new platform is the most interesting part about the car. Basically, it is developed by most Prius models, with the modular chassis to cut the current weight. They will install the running gear to make it better so it provides you high level of comfort and control. It also has better brakes to make it safer to deal with a crash. The aluminum is added for its chassis as well as the body and the suspension which will create the first history in 2018 Toyota Camry.

2018 Toyota Camry Interior

The interior design seems have a lot of advantages with the support of new platform. There will be several interesting features that we believe to improve its security, infotainment, navigation and entertainment system. In addition, the company has big concern on its comfort and functionality as the new 2018 Toyota Camry. They provide futuristic design and some upgrades, but please note that they don’t give any innovative features.

2018 Toyota Camry Engine

2018 Toyota Camry is possible to not use turbocharged power. The base model will go with the new 3 cylinder turbocharged petrol engine and 1.5 liter that is capable to provide more than 180 hp and 190 lb-ft of torque power and it is higher than the current output. In addition, it has more torque power. It would be good if they can provide smaller displacement to enhance its fuel consumption. The old 3.5 liter engine will be replaced by 2.0 liter turbocharged inline-four unit. This output is still unidentified. But, it is capable to create around 250 and 280 hp. The use of auto transmission will be the standard. Again, there is no official data but probably they will take the eight-speed unit.

2018 Toyota Camry Release Date and Price

Likely, the price wouldn’t be too far from the previous model. The base model is still about $23,000 and the top model can be around $35,000 or a little bit more. Sadly, Toyota will drop both of their current engines. It is a big shame because they had best naturally aspirated engine for less than $40,000 for 2018 Toyota Camry.