2018 Toyota Prado

Sunday, October 2nd 2016. | Toyota

The current trend in automotive market is about creating a new car with high fuel economy and Toyota knows well about that. Therefore, they want to put this issue in their highlights for 2018 Toyota Prado. It will come out as a full-size crossover and its performance will be magnificent. The cabin will give you high comfort and the visual look is quite superb. It is true that the fans are quite big and these changes will make them satisfied. We glad that some details about this car are hinted by the company insiders.

2018 Toyota Prado Front View


First of all, this car is quite popular with its iconic big grille and the headlamps are always presented with sleek look. We think that the company will keep this part for 2018 Toyota Prado. But, you can see some refreshments when it comes to its hood and roof lines. Several changes are added for the rear end. What is more is that the lights and bumpers will be redesigned. Even, the tailgate is better than ever which allows you to load easier. This crossover will remove its old materials and it will receive carbon fiber to cut the current weight. The body panels next are lighter than ever to cut hundreds of pounds and this will improve the fuel economy.

Okay, it is a luxurious vehicle and it is a must that they can give modern equipment for its features. There will be many controls and apps inside. It is not something too much for the company to support 2018 Toyota Prado with high-technology and they are easy to operate. Some parts are taken from the new Highlander such as the rear seat with 9-inch of monitors, DVD player, advanced audio system and many more. The higher trim will get Air Conditioning as well as air filters and four zones. For the security features, you can find pre-collision system and parking assist.


For the engine side, please don’t ask us too much. We cannot conclude well about the possible engine to complete 2018 Toyota Prado. We expect that it can go with 6.0 liter of engine capacity with the output that should be better than before.

Release Date and Price

This is the last point we can tell you right now. The exact release date can be two years from now. It can be in the end of 2017 or sometime in 2018 for 2018 Toyota Prado.