2018 VW GTI

Thursday, September 29th 2016. | Volkswagen

Volkswagen just tested their new 2018 VW GTI for its performance in US. It seems that they start the development of this new generation quite soon because its release date basically can happen next two years. The car has been spotted for its test and it sounds that the automaker provides I with significant enhancements with the main concern on the body panels. As we know that Volkswagen is a reputable automaker and we think that they should keep this car on their project list.

2018 VW GTI Front Angle


We can learn some possible things from the spied images. First of all, the 2018 VW GTI comes with larger body design. Volkswagen might change the body with significant improvement for a longer, wider and taller design. It can be true because based on their plan, the will use the MQB platform that has been downsized a bit. We assume that Volkswagen tested this car because we can see its recognizable exhaust tips in chrome finish and the styling cues are sporty with the low ride height and signature wheel pattern. What is more is that it will get 18-inch of alloy wheel.

Although it is a bit difficult to reveal the interior of 2018 VW GTI, but we think that there are some interesting things can happen. If the rumors about larger dimension come to be true, then it is quite possible to give positive impact to the cabin side. The interior can be more spacious to support more passengers. What Volkswagen should do next is that to upgrade the features inside, just like other new generations receive for their life.


2018 VW GTI for the engine has not been announced by Volkswagen but this subcompact might get some turbocharged engine for its lineup. We think the most possible engine is 3-cylinder 1.0 iter for the base trim and the current improved turbocharged 4-cyinder 1.8 liter to provide 180 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque will be kept for the new version. Don’t be surprised if Volkswagen will offer more engine options in the future. It seems that the engines will be mated with auto transmission since Volkswagen wants to create zero-commission cars for their debut.

Release Date and Price

The price has not been estimated yet and the estimation can be given when it is close to final specs. Volkswagen might release the new 2018 VW GTI sometime in 2017 and it will cover the demand in US.