5 Reasons to Trade your Car for Two Wheels

We are all looking for ways to cut down on our living expenses and the car really does eat into that monthly salary, what with road tax, insurance and, of course, fuel expenses. Of course, you do need to have some form of transport, and here are a few reasons why changing to a motorcycle is a great idea.

  1. Economical Transportation – When compared to the gas guzzler of a car you drive, a motorcycle costs much less to run and this money could be saved for a holiday, as it will build up over the period of one year. If you check Yamaha motorcycle finance comparison, you will find that you can easily afford the monthly payments and selling the car will give you a nice sum to keep for a rainy day.
  2. More Fun – If you have never owned a motorcycle, you might wonder about the fun aspect, but if you have been riding bikes for a while, then you can appreciate how much fun riding can be.
  3. No Parking Issues – While it might be difficult to find a spot to park your car, not so with two wheels, even in the city. Many places have free parking for bikes, so leave the car behind and take the bike every time.
  4. Off-Road Ability – With the right bike, you can ride off road as well as on the highway, which means you can explore the wilderness and ride those nature trails. Yamaha do some great machines that can be ridden anywhere, such as the Yamaha Tenere 700, which is a state-of-the-art bike with all the power and handling that you need.
  5. Freedom of the Open Road – When you take off on your new Yamaha, there’s absolutely no restrictions, as you have the freedom of the open road to take you wherever you want to go. Australia is a huge country and with the right touring machine, you could tour every state and see the diverse natural beauty that can only be found in Australia.

If you are a novice rider, why not take a basic course that teaches you about safe riding and handling and don’t forget the motorcycle licence requirements, which must be met. Aside from the major investment of the bike, you will need protective gear and the right clothing, but when you have that, there’s nothing else to pay, other than fuel and bike servicing.