Mercedes-Benz Vito – A History

Mercedes-Benz Vito is created by Mercedes-Benz in Vitoria, The country. The Mercedes-Benz Vito is really a light van. There’s two primary reasons for the naming from the vehicle, because the Vehicle was created in Vitoria, Vito as being a shortened form of that. Another factor to consider for naming the vehicle is due to lengthy standing worker, Vito Rosenstein, whose persistence for the organization led to an abnormally high accolade.

The Mercedes-Benz Vito will come in two different flavours. The very first is a typical panel version, the 2nd enables for further passenger accommodation by sacrificing part or all the load area.

June 2010 Mercedes announced these were beginning production around the Mercedes Vito E-cell the very first commercial vehicle to include electric engines. Through the finish of 2010 Mercedes expect 100 vehicles to become created. Through the finish of 2011 that’s likely to rise to some further 2000 vehicles.

In September 2010 Mercedes Vito van will undergo a face-lift, this can restyle the front and back lights combined with the front bumper. You’ll also have enhancements towards the efficiency from the Diesel engine. A brand new six-speed manual gear box can result in a 15% decrease in fuel consumption it’s because more economic ratios within the new gear box. The caliber of the types of materials utilized in production is placed to enhance combined with the steeling wheel suspension and instrumentation.

first generation W638 (1996-2003)

In 1996 Mercedes-Benz created the very first Mercedes marking the very first generation they ongoing this production until 2003. The Mercedes Vito Van is available in two variants, the very first is diesel engine having a output of 89kW along with a bhp of 120, the gas version includes a more effective engine having a power out-put of just below 105kW along with a bhp of 140 plus a Front-Wheel drive drive train.

Mercedes-Benz required the Chassis in the VW Transporter van and modelled the vehicle around that.

second generation W639 (2003-present)

In 2003 Mercedes-Benz launched the 2nd generation Mercedes Vito. The 2nd generation Vito is much more aerodynamic than its predecessor. Additionally the 2nd generation was operated by a brand new selection of engines along with a rear wheel drive drivetrain.

The 2nd generation Mercedes Vito will come in three different lengths, with four new diesel engines to select from, the very best range as being a 120 CDI this includes a 3. litre V6 engine. The Model numeric’s follow Mercedes pattern that associated with the ability creation of the engine.