2017 Dodge Journey

Monday, December 14th 2015. | Dodge

2017 Dodge Journey is a new mid-size CUV manufactured by Dodge. This crossover will come out with the best platform that is Chrysler JC platform. The first generation of Journey model was released in 2009. This new crossover will also launch in the next year with the new design and style. Besides that, the manufacturer can guarantee the comfortable and the safety will be delivered by the 2017 Journey.

2017 Journey


This new crossover vehicle comes with five-door SUV. Besides the body style, this new car will come with the better platform. Unfortunately, the information of exterior change is minor, so that it makes some rumors. Besides minor information, some people said that the 2017 Dodge Journey would also get minor improvement. As usual, the bodywork of this car will use the better material that is lightweight material. It has the better quality for reducing the weight of the car. Then, the manufacturer will also redesign the front side of this new crossover. It will be more aggressive and sporty look. The manufacturer will make sportier design in the headlights and the rims.


The information of interior side is also minor. However, the 2017 Dodge Journey will have the better technology systems inside. The manufacturer will upgrade the infotainment system and the safety system. Besides the technology system that will get new upgrade, the cabin design will also have new accent. The cabin has roomy space, so that this new vehicle can accommodate about seven passengers. Therefore, the nuance of inside will make comfortable and enjoyable.


There two engine systems as the option under the hood. Based on the rumor, the 2017 Dodge Journey will have the better powerful than the predecessor. This new crossover will have a 2.4 liter inline-4 engine. Besides that, the other new engine system will be found under the Journey’s hood that is a 3.6 liter V6 engine. The improvement of the engine will give the better performance in the top speed and the fuel economy.

Release Date and Price

In the next year, the 2017 Dodge Journey will launch in the global auto market place with the standard price. Around $20.000 for the base price, this new crossover will be the good competitor in the automobile industry. Besides that, in the next 2016, this new car will come out with the best performance and appearance.