2017 Dodge Ram

Friday, February 5th 2016. | Ram

One of the most popular vehicle as well as most eccentric line of vehicles is 2017 Dodge Ram. This model will improve the previous model. Based on the rumor, this model is the most sophisticated one in its class. As a new pickup truck vehicle, there will be some improved specifications as well as outstanding performance specs and excellent designs. The exterior will retain its off-road capability. There are several attributes that get new style and new look. The interior will offer ergonomic and luxurious cabin with latest technology features and quality materials. Besides that, under the hood of 2017 Dodge Ram will be powered with high quality engine system. It is not only offer improved fuel economy but also high-speed performance.

New Dodge Ram Front Angle


The body design of new Dodge Ram will come out to be rugged and sophisticated. This vehicle still maintains its off-road capability. The bodywork concept will be enhanced to offer a sportier and more luxurious look. 2017 Dodge Ram will have fresh accent with a parallelogram shaped front fascia. There will be a large silver grille design, which has a trapezoid shape. Besides that, the bumpers will be improved to be bigger as well as there are silver highlights along the sides.


The cabin will come out with expansive structure. There will be a roomy and ergonomic design. 2017 Dodge Ram will have dual cabin rows that offer five people seating and air suspension system. Besides that, the latest Dodge Ram also equipped with Electric stability control, Easy handling and steering control, Larger and improved wheelbase design, as well as Adaptive cruise control. In addition, the latest Dodge Ram also equipped with safety features such as parking assists, cross traffic alerts, rear view camera, and lane departure warning.


Although the automaker has no confirmed the engine specification for new Dodge Ram, it does not matter for us. Since there is rumor mentions that, under the hood of 2017 Dodge Ram will be powered with a 4.7 liter V8 cylinder engine. The engine is capable to produce 310 horsepower and 330 pounds feet of torque. By using the engine, the performance of this vehicle will improve. Besides that, this new off-road vehicle will be an efficient terrain vehicle.

Release Date and Price

According to the rumor, 2017 Dodge Ram will be released in 2016. The price tag will go around $24.000 for the standard model.