2017 Lincoln MKS

Saturday, November 7th 2015. | Lincoln

2017 Lincoln MKS is a new full-size luxury sedan car by Lincoln. The first generation of the Lincoln MKS was releases in November 2007 at the LA Auto show as a 2009 series year. Now, this car will come out as the second generation. This sedan car will have the better option of engine. The Ecoboost model will be applied under its hood with two-engine option. Then, the better change design will also get new upgrade for making the nice appearance of 2017 MKS.

2017 Lincoln MKS Release Date


Based on the rumor, the features and concept of the 2017 Lincoln MKS will be similar with Continental model because both of vehicles will use the same platform that is CD4 platform. However, the other rumor said that the new Lincoln MKS will be built on the Ford D3 platform. This platform has used by some vehicle and Ford Taurus. Besides the Continental, the other rumor also said that this new MKS model will be borrowed the styling by MKZ model. The parts that will get new style are rear window, wheels, grille, headlights, and LED lights. The wheels will have the great dimension size that is 20 inch.


The change of interior style will give the different sense of this new sedan car. The infotainment systems and the safety systems will get new upgrade by the manufacturer. Based on the rumor, the 2017 Lincoln MKS will have glass roof over seats that will use the better leather quality, indoor ventilation, perfect multimedia system with 500W DVD player, Bluetooth connectivity, navigation system, and much more.


One of the better engine specification will be applied under the new Lincoln MKS. The Ecoboost model will complete this 2017 Lincoln MKS. The Ecoboost offers two engines. First, this sedan will have 2.9 liter Ecoboost V6 engine. It can deliver output 300 horsepower. This engine includes the base version. Meanwhile, the other rumor said that this new MKS model would use 3.5 liter V6 Ecoboost. This engine can produce the better output that is 350 horsepower. Then, both of engines will be mated with 9-speed automatic transmission.

Release Date and Price

The better performance of engine and the better features by the 2017 Lincoln MKS will give the comfortable, enjoyable, and safety when driving. Based on the rumor, this new sedan car will release in the first half of the 2017, while the price cannot be estimated.