2018 Chevy Niva

Monday, January 16th 2017. | Chevrolet

Perhaps you are not familiar with this car if you compare its popularity with BMW cars or others. 2018 Chevy Niva is basically a car that is born from the collaboration between General Motors and Russian Avto VAZ. For Russian people, they know well about the legendary off road car, the Lada Niva and it is the base of this car. It will come out with more modern design and up-to-date features, thanks to its new technology details as well as safety equipment. It is bigger than the old Niva but has sleeker and more modern design. They have presented the 2017 model in 2016 Auto Show and its success makes both the companies to improve its performance and agility.

2018 Chevy Niva Front Angle

2018 Chevy Niva Exterior

It will be much more different from the previous model because 2018 Chevy Niva is a better version. The front part has some improvements to offer. First, the headlights have sharp look and the front grille is like the Audi-style. The Chevy badge is placed on the middle. Its towing hook is mounted beneath the grille. For the fog lights, these come in round, located on each side of the bumper. Likely, they don’t add any additional air intake opening on its bumper or on the sides. Its headlights are covered with horizontal steel bars. At the back, it seems they follow the Mercedes ML especially for the tail lights with the similarly protected design while the wheel has full-sized spare on its back and rear bumper to support you loading heavier things.

2018 Chevy Niva Interior

We can say that any improvement in the cabin is good because the previous model had no interior at all. It will be a more modern SUV with few buttons and switches o the dashboard. It also has three-spoke tilt-adjustable steering wheel, four HVAC openings, one on each side while two rectangular on the central console. 2018 Chevy Niva has entertainment features including Bluetooth, USB connectivity, CD player, radio, trip computer, auto AC and others.

2018 Chevy Niva Engine

The current model is not so powerful with the use of 1.7 liter naturally aspirated and inline four-cylinder petrol engine to supply 120 hp. The new 2018 Chevy Niva will get upgraded version about 1.8 liter to provide 135hp ad 140 torque power. It will work with the support of five-speed manual transmission system. Sadly, we have limited information about the EPA fuel economy as well as the engine execution. But, we believe that they have big concern on its performance to make it slightly improved from the previous model. This new SUV is still designed with 4×4 driving configuration.

2018 Chevy Niva Release Date and Price

2018 Chevy Niva will be marketed in Russia at the beginning of 2017. After that, it will enter the European market. If you have a concern on the price, the starting price is about $13,000.