2018 BMW M3

Tuesday, October 4th 2016. | BMW

In 2015, BMW M3 was redesigned with several meaningful upgrades and after a long time, now 2018 BMW M3 is coming out with a lot of changes. Some improvements will be presented to complete its styling cues as well as the engine specification. BMW has a big task to offer enhanced speed, class and agility for this series.

2018 BMW M3 Front Angle


For its outer part, it will be a significant facelift to offer. They will only fix some parts that got a lot of issues in the previous model, if the parts are fine, they might carry over it. So, what you will see is that an updated front grille, taillights and headlamps. 2018 M3 also has updated bodywork as it is mentioned by rumors. You can find out new fascia and LED lights with some color options that you can go to meet your personal tastes. BMW only has a great concern on its speed and class.

Move on the inner part that the car will be designed with old chrome for its nice touch and we are pretty sure that there will be fine leather upholstery to use as their way to define luxury feel. This sporty car is also completed with personalization options but it is still hard to predict the features in 2018 BMW M3.  We expect that they want to upgrade the infotainment, climate control and safety features.


Based on the previous model, it was designed with 3.0 liter and inline-six engine that is designed to offer improved 425 ponies and 405 lb-ft of torque for 5,500 rpm. We think there should be a more improvements if we are talking about 2018 BMW M3. About the transmission, it can be designed with six-speed manual while the optional is seven-speed dual-clutch for its comeback. The top speed can reach about 155 mph and we hope that the fuel efficiency can be enhanced although it just a little bit. The previous model can get up to 20 mpg on highway and this improved version should give better result than before.

Release Date

2018 BMW M3 is strongly suggested by automotive experts to come in the second half of 2017. At that time, there will be some new cars that can be presented so that the car can join the competition. It is also difficult to bet the price and we expect that the earlier models for the base wouldn’t be more than $65,000.