2018 BMW M6

Thursday, September 22nd 2016. | BMW

No one can stop our expectation about the coming of 2018 BMW M6 because we are pretty sure that this new generation is too cute to be left out in future automotive competition. BMW will redesign it as the fourth generation and its previous models are available in the markets because the high popularity. People love its powerful and stylish design for its main characteristics and we think that it can be the great weapon for the automaker to dominate the markets.

2018 BMW M6 Grand Coupe Front Angle

What we would like to see is that there will be something more that BMW can do for 2018 M6. Based on rumors, the automaker has a great plan to apply some significant changes. Although no rumors have been confirmed yet, we are quite happy to know more about the possible details on this car.


So, this coupe will be much more beautiful than ever. BMW will only focus on its design and performance. To enhance its visual, the company will redesign it. Speaking about the redesign, it seems that the automaker will give a new look and we think that this is the effective way to give fresh touch in its design without removing its iconic parts. The exterior of 2018 BMW M6 will be much more beautiful with the curvy look and better aerodynamic performance. It helps the car to have better movement than ever. In addition, the weight will be reduced so that the engine output can be enhanced. Now, our question is that whether they will use the same material or not. One thing for sure is that there will be two variants of design. First is from the actual BMW M6 and the second is the optional special design especially for those who love high speed performance.

If the outer part is supported by the same material, it helps the car to come with unique visual design. Although BMW will keep its current elegance but we are pretty sure that several changes will be added but we are still waiting more rumors to give us some clues. What comes into our mind is that the change basically depends on the trim. The higher trim you pick, the more features you can find inside 2018 BMW M6.


Still based on rumors, the automaker is expected to come with various engine options. BMW 640i for example is quite possible to get inline six and 3.0 liter to offer 347 hp. For 650i, it can be powered with V8 and 4.4 liter to present 476 hp. The strongest output is 600 hp that is generated from V8 Bit Turbo 4.4 liter for 2018 BMW M6.