2018 Chevy Avalanche

Wednesday, November 2nd 2016. | Chevrolet

If you have more patience to anticipate the new Chevy Avalanche in 2018 season, you will see restyled entire body with more functional system and features for its more appealing design than ever. It is mentioned by many sources that the company wants to create it as effective pickup truck with its truly powerful capability to deal with its rivals. The outstanding features and the latest technical functions will be the point for Chevrolet to create a big success with this truck.

2018 Chevy Avalance Concept


The stylish function will complete its brand new look. 2018 Avalanche will come with redesigned bodywork. It happens because the company will build it with very advanced design by using stunning steel colors and the back will be restyled as well as the entrance finish. It looks more attractive with the recent BROUGHT butt lighting and mind lighting. The grille will be redesigned and the brand new bumper will be added. The quality steel is higher than ever and the bodywork will be lighter.

Several brand new tools will be provided for the cabin of this truck. It will be a four-door truck and the cabin has high level of comfort since the space is quite large and the big trunk is available. It supports six people as before with high quality supplies inside starting from its controls, seats and high quality details. Chevrolet will also add most recent protection to complete the technical function 2018 Chevy Avalanche. The advantage for those who anticipate its coming is the brand new infotainment system, loudspeakers, sound system, web online connectivity, environment manage function and LCD.


You might have a big question about what kind of engine that will be used to complete the upcoming 2018 Chevy Avalanche. We think that the most possible engine to use is V8 and 5.3 liter that is quite competent to produce the amount of output almost 355 hp. The use of energy economic climate for the higher level will support the truck to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 6.9 seconds. In addition, there is a big gossip that there will be some additional engines to use such as diesel. With the 2WD design, the energy economic climate takes big role to make the fuel economy about 23 MPG in freeway and 16 MPG in town. But, if you go with AWD design, it takes about 22 MPG in freeway and 15 MPG in town.

Release Date and Price

2018 Chevy Avalanche debut in late 2017, with sales starting in early 2018. As with everything, specifications change the price significantly, but we think the new Chevy will start in the region of $32,000, perhaps rising to just over $40,000 for something with more toys and equipment.