2018 Infiniti Q100

Saturday, June 25th 2016. | Infiniti

A new generation of sports coupe by Infiniti is 2018 Infiniti Q100. This car will have the modern and luxury look. Besides the nice appearance, the new Q100 will have the high output power from under its hood. Then, the lightweight material will make this car is light. Besides that, the new platform will be the better place to built the performance of the 2018 Q100.

2018 Infiniti Q100 Front Angle


This new car will have the nice changes on the outside and inside. The outside will be elegant and luxuries. It is caused by the new color that will be used in the bodywork that is the silver-metallic color pattern. Besides that, the bodyline will be light it caused by using the better material that contains carbon. The manufacturer not only redesigns the front fascia parts but also the front end. The front end of the 2018 Infiniti Q100 will be more modern and aggressive look because it will have the new upgrade in some parts such as a grille, LED lights, alloy wheels, sunroof, dual exhaust system and other. Meanwhile, the interior side will have the modern technology systems inside. There are two doors and two ergonomic seats. Then, the ouch screen, infotainment system, entertainment system and so on will complete the new steering wheel. Besides that, this new sports car will also have the new cockpit that will focus on the driver.


The monster power from under the Infinity Q100’s hood will reach the high performance. We will find the twin-turbo V6 engine. It can generate the higher output that is 600 horsepower. Beside the engine will be mated with the electric motor, this engine will be also paired with an automatic transmission and transmits torque. It will be sent to the rear wheels or all four wheels. The other issue said that the 2018 Infiniti Q100 would use a V8 engine. This engine offers the better technology systems that are Direct Adaptive Steering steer-by-wire (SBW) system, stability control, presenting anti-lock brakes, and entertainment systems.

Price and Release Date

Based on the high performance and the excellent appearance, possibility the 2018 Infinity Q100 will have the expensive price. Based on the issue, this new sports car will have the base price from $90.000 or even higher $150.000. Then, the company will prediction the launch this car in early 2018.

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