2018 Volkswagen Microbus

Wednesday, September 21st 2016. | Volkswagen

Volkwagen has a potential chance to be the center of attention if they produce their van vehicle that is Volkswagen Type 2 which rumors said it will be the 2018 Volkswagen Microbus. Its official name is Transporter, Microbus or Kombi while its informal name in US is Volkswagen Bus or Volkswagen Camper for UK market. It was introduced in 1950. The first model was the type 1 or Volkswagen Beetle and the future design will carry over the previous iconic details.

2018 VW Microbus Front Angle

2018 Volkswagen Bus will be a modern cargo and passengers van. Its strong rivals are Ford Econoline, Dodge A100, and Chevrolet Corvair 95 Corvan. For European market, the previous model had to deal with 1960 FF layout Renault Estafette and FR layout Ford Transit.


As we already mentioned that the design will follow the original generation that was the type 1 or Volkswagen Beetle. It wouldn’t lose its original look because it is the source of its inspirational design with the rear-engineered design. The car likely will use the concept that has been introduced in 2001 and it will get some updates while the styling cues are still the same to the original version of 2018 Volkswagen Microbus. So, Volkswagen will keep its boxy look, with the D-pillar and wide solid design. The short overhang is added for its front end and the short distance for the A pillar to the front end. As you see from the picture, this van has retro look.

Speaking about the possible cabin design, it is quite possible to come with modern cargo design to deal with future market competition that will get stronger than ever. Before, the previous model can control the rivals above.  For European market, the previous rivals are Renault Estafette and Ford Transit.


As far as we know that the original Volkswagen Bus in 1935 was rear-engine drive system but we think that there is a big possibility for the company to end this way. It is a must because the safety regulation in Brazil is quite stiff. It means that they might use front engine drive system for 2018 Volkswagen Microbus. Other reports mentioned that it will be designed with new all-electric design with battery power. It sounds that they will borrow the Audi R8 e-tron and e-tron Quattro concept.

Release Date and Price

2018 Volkswagen Microbus is important to come out soon and it should be introduced in the beginning of next year. We think it is hard to estimate the price tag because the previous model was presented quite long and it is impossible if the cost will be close to the predecessor.

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