2018 Lotus SUV

Friday, January 20th 2017. | Lotus

It doesn’t matter if you say that the new 2018 Lotus SUV is a small SUV but when you check the cabin, you will be amazed with its luxurious design. The car will be presented in order to follow the release of Bentley and Aston Martin. It is the strategy that is truly important for the company in order to keep the brand available for the next years. They also have a plan to have mass production even for global market. It will be built in China and its first market will be for Asian people. We can say that it is the fastest and lightness car in its class, but it is still unclear whether or not it is available in US.

2018 Lotus SUV Front Angle

2018 Lotus SUV Exterior

2018 Lotus SUV will be constructed from lightweight materials and the design styling is a bit identical to Lotus APX concept. It has aggressive look although the development is still on process. It will use the modified version of the concept to make it smaller, sleek and aggressive with the support of lines and curved edges.

2018 Lotus SUV Interior

The car is basically based off the Aston Martin, especially for the interior. It has practical and functional cabin design to support five people. It works more to women with its versatile look. It provides you high comfort especially for the driver and the front passengers. The car has high end look with the fine quality materials as 2018 Lotus SUV.

2018 Lotus SUV Engine

Engine matter, there will be inline-four engine and 1.6 liter that will be used by the company. The V6 engine and 3.5 liter from Toyota will be added and it works for European market. The hybrid and diesel options might be presented too especially for European countries only. The ongoing reports also mentioned that the fuel and mileage ratio is still unclear because it is still under the development. We expect that the fuel mileage should be low to make it as an economical car under the name 2018 Lotus SUV.

2018 Lotus SUV Release Date and Price

2018 Lotus SUV for its release date and price has not been finalized yet. According to rumors, its promotion will be started in 2017, but we have to wait the official announcement to clarify this information. The price is estimated to be about $100,000 for the base and it could go higher if you want to go with the higher model. It is a good car for those who want to have comfortable car with great usability.