2018 Renault Koleos

Saturday, December 3rd 2016. | Renault

The real advantage in automotive competition is where buyer has more options to find more new vehicles with significant development. No automakers want to make their products as the worst and therefore, they will work harder to present a good quality vehicle with low development cost to make it affordable. Renault for example, has their way to do. They will share much features with Nissan X-Trail SUV which is not a big shock. It is because they did had shared project for the Renault Kadjar and Nissan Qashqai by sharing Tue mechanical parts. They only repeat this action for the new 2018 Renault Koleos.

2018 Renault Koleos Front Angle


As you might probably see that there is a completely camouflaged prototype of the 2018 Koleos. With the complete camouflage, it is quite hard to know more for its details. One thing for sure is that the SUV will be built on CMF-CD platform. The vehicle will get LED technology to complete the headlights and taillights. Additionally, the hood will be restyled for sharper look with the dynamic and smooth design for the bodylines. It has huge wheels which are about 17 to 18-inch that is good to offer stability and grip. Several versions will be launched too.


The new 2018 Renault Koleos will be presented as the larger version of Kadjar SUV. It means that it will use larger dimension to support even more than seven passengers. It will get high quality materials such as leather and wooden details. The seats will be covered by leather as well as the steering wheel. In addition, some features will be added such as dual start/stop switch to save fuel, premium audio system, infotainment system r-link, 8-inch display screen for everyday support. About the safety features, there will be blind spot warning, auto braking and parking assist.


So far, several rumors mentioned that it will use 1.6 liter turbocharged V4 petrol engine to provide 163 HP and 235 lb ft of torque. It will be mated to eight-speed EDC auto transmission or six-speed manual since it is quite close to Nissan X-Trail that is provided in hybrid. The new 2018 Renault Koleos might get gas electric system with the use of four-cylinder 2.0 liter engine as well as electric motor, lithium-ion battery. There is also optional all four wheel drive or two wheel drive.

Release Date and Price

To be the rival of Mitsubishi Outlander, the new 2018 Renault Koleos will come out somewhere in 2017 with the expected price about $20,700 for the base and $28,400 for the higher model. The cost can be different, depends on the market.

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