2018 Subaru 3 Row Crossover SUV

Tuesday, January 31st 2017. | Subaru

Subaru will join with other SUV makers on the global market. They will launch their new model. Subaru will prepare their latest 2018 Subaru 3 Row Crossover SUV. Its arrival is very important for the company because its predecessor created great success. Many people anticipate it because its modern design. Besides, it has great capability for off-road performance.

2018 Subaru 3 Row Crossover SUV Front Angle

2018 Subaru 3 Row Crossover SUV Exterior

There will be no revolutionary changes to be presented. Subaru will only complete it with slight redesign. We hope they can provide new shades. If we see some pictures about the 2018 Subaru 3 Row Crossover SUV, we find that it has smaller front grille at the front. The concept for its new look is speculated to be the VISIV which allows the dimension to be different from before. It length can be around 191.5 inches and the wheelbase will be about 108.2 inches.

2018 Subaru 3 Row Crossover SUV Interior

The interior will be built with fine materials. The seats will be covered with premium materials to give you high level of comforts. In addition, the cabin is MRE comfortable since it has more space for legs and head. It is totally different from the predecessor because the 2018 Subaru 3 Row Crossover SUV will give you third row of seats which makes it perfect as a family car. Besides the high quality materials, the vehicle will be completed with advanced technology.

2018 Subaru 3 Row Crossover SUV Engine

We can say that Subaru always provides quality engine for all their vehicles and that is why most of models are widely accepted on the markets. As far as we know, the ongoing reports mentioned that the engine of the 2018 Subaru 3 Row Crossover SUV will be 2.4 liter engine with direct injection that is capable to provide the amount of output about 359 hp. It is also speculated by many unofficial reports on the internet that Subaru will provide four engine types. It is expected that Subaru will give more innovations such as adding new hybrid version in near future. Although the information about engine department is still incomplete; we think that the use of VIZIV concept will be helpful since it can cut the current weight to be lighter with the use of light materials. If this comes to be true, we believe that the fuel economy can be enhanced.

2018 Subaru 3 Row Crossover SUV Release date and price

The detailed information about the exact release sate is still hard to find. The price can be competitive as other big SUV. We assume that the arrival of the 2018 Subaru 3 Row Crossover SUV might be started somewhere in 2018. For the price, we have to wait a little more time to know.

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