2018 Dodge Dart

Wednesday, September 21st 2016. | Dodge

We think the update for Dodge Dart is recently done by the Dodge and it was not that long. This is their best effort in order to help the car gains more buyers and well-accepted in its markets. Now, the current condition is that US market has high demand especially for larger SUVs and crossovers which turns the sales for Dodge Dart is decreasing. Rumors mentioned that the debut for 2018 Dodge Dart will be stopped. The company wouldn’t continue its prediction, but not all expectations are faded. Dodge announced that the company will build it through cooperation with large automaker. Sadly, they don’t give any statement for the partner and thus, it is hard to know for its release.

2018 Dodge Dart Front Angle

We think that the market is still good for 2018 Dart even though it doesn’t sell as much as other cars especially for crossovers. We bet that Dodge will cooperate with a European automaker although it is still difficult to predict who will be the partner is. It can be Renault since FCA group builds cars at the same factory in Turkey. If it comes to be true, it will be a good way to start.


Speaking about the exterior, the size and the design needs more changes and it sounds possible to do because the cooperation with the large automaker. The difference is that they would not make it bigger as the current trend goes for other new cars, but the company will make it a bit smaller in form of dimension for 2018 Dodge Dart. The smaller size still makes the passengers can sit comfortably and it is designed for more than five passengers. It is still available with good luggage capacity for its lighter and cheaper design. The company should support it with the weight capacity that shouldn’t be more than 2,300 pounds so that it can support the low power engines to use.

Inside, the car wouldn’t suffer any changes especially for its quality. Likely, this part will be done by another automaker but other rumors said that Dodge will take this concern because they want to support the cabin of 2018 Dodge Dart with better materials. Everything that will be presented inside is also available with optional features so buyers can choose based on their personal tastes.


To attract buyers, they wouldn’t only change the design inside and outside, but to give a little modification for its engine also. 2018 Dodge Dart is quite promising to get more efficient engine with the use of smaller unit that can be 1.2 liter turbocharged inline-four petrol engine. This engine will be built by Renault to generate the amount of output for about 120 hp and 150 lb-ft of torque power and this can be less than before. A small engine will be paired with low weight so that the engine is capable to offer similar output to weight. Besides, it has manual transmission as standard and the optional is six-speed automatic.

Price and Release Date

2018 Dodge Dart is quite possible to come with cheaper model than the previous model in order to attract buyers and to increase its current sales record. We expect that the cost for this new model is available for less than $41,000 and it will be the base model. If you expect to get the higher model, of course you have to spend more dollars.

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