2018 Toyota Sequoia

Thursday, November 24th 2016. | Toyota

Early reports mentioned that it is worth to wait the coming of 2018 Toyota Sequoia. Its original debut was started quite long and it is grown as one of the favorite SUVs on its market. Now, Toyota wants to keep this legacy. The company insiders mentioned that it will be completed with improved features together with a new design.

New Toyota Seuoia Front Angle


Current reports mentioned that this upcoming SUV doesn’t come with drastic upgrades especially for its outer part. As we know that the current exterior is still modern with the well-built look. But, many experts mentioned that it will go with imperative tweaks for its refreshments. The company will not change the dimensions and the basic outline. They will only modify the side lamps, front grille with LED headlights, reduce the weight to enhance the fuel economy and the last is redesign the front bumper of 2018 Sequoia.


There is a wide expectation that there will be trendy look for the cabin of 2018 Toyota Sequoia. It should be spacious and comfortable to support driver and passengers. The additional amount of cargo space will be a good way to start. Then, the cabin has high quality and fine materials to offer followed with additional upgrades such as GPS infotainment system for the touchscreen interface. The cabin is designed to support about eight adults passengers.


There will be two power units to offer for its potential buyers. These engines will make the new 2018 Toyota Sequoia runs smoothly as well as efficiently. The combination of its gearbox and EcoBoost engine will play their role. The first engine will be 4.0 liter that is capable to provide about more than 276 hp while the next is 5.7 liter of V8 engine to generate even about 381 hp and 401 pounds per feet of torque. These engines work together with auto six-speed gearbox but the fuel consumption is assumed to not be more than 13 mpg in city and 17 mpg on highway.

Release Date and Price

The ongoing reports of this SUV mentioned that the official release date might happen in the first quarter of 2018, but there is no official confirmation yet right now. In addition, it is predicted that the car will be ready to hit the market with the base price about $47,000 to mark it as the new 2018 Toyota Sequoia. In the end, we can say that it is an ideal option for those who need powerful SUV with unique features inside and outside.