2018 VW Crafter

Friday, January 13th 2017. | Volkswagen

The CGI teaser has been released by Volkswagen and it has a great connection with the coming of 2018 VW Crafter. The teaser has been made for public appearance. It is designed by VW in order to complete their market position and it will be the biggest car size as a commercial vehicle. This newest model will be combined with the Wolfsburg design.

2018 VW Crafter Front Angle

2018 VW Crafter Exterior

We can say that the design is very simple. It is because the company has a plan to remove some unimportant accents from the previous model. As a result, it has more minimalist design than before. The grille is also more minimalist, modern and sleeker. The grille will be identical to Transporter and Passat. In addition, 2018 VW Crafter is completed with Gillette shaver type grille and it has LED technology to improve its functionality.

2018 VW Crafter Interior

Other things to make it fresh are the sporty alloy with the sporty design and this is helpful to give luxury touch. It has unique look because this commercial car has nice concept to serve you better version than before. The last is about the cab-chassis version with the different roof height type so you can pick based on your needs. However, the complete information about the 2018 VW Crafter interior is still hard to know. We believe that the company will only give slight improvements inside.

2018 VW Crafter Engine

Speaking about the engine, everything is still only CGI teaser and we cannot reveal this part. 2018 VW Crafter is peculated to use 3.0 liter and V6 engine. The engine type will not be different from other diesel type in other cars. The same engine is also used by the Amarok. Another option is 2.0 liter and four-cylinder engine. The Transporter is also completed with front-wheel drive setup.

2018 VW Crafter Release Date and Price

2018 VW Crafter will be released at 2016 Frankfurt Motor Show in September and the company will start its manufacture in Poland. It will be available in 2017 to deal with Ford Transit RWD, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Hyundai HB350 and the last is Renault Master. We can see that the company believes that this version will create a big success with the support of its unique feature. However, we cannot inform you yet about the exact price of the car. We soon can get all the information once the company announces everything about it officially. Therefore, we recommend you to wait more time so we can tell you more about the official updates.

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