2018 VW Passat

Monday, November 14th 2016. | Volkswagen

Many of us expect that the new 2018 VW Passat will come out with new equipment and it will be presented in Geneva. If this comes true, it means that it will be the eight generation that will be coming soon since it is still under the development. It has much better look compared to the previous model and it will be redesigned to offer a beautiful mid-size sedan. The design surely will be improved with the better ability especially for its off-road performance.

2018 VW Passat Front Angle


It will be added with unique styling design and it sounds like the car has higher size than ever. Its height will be increased by 1.1-inch and the redesigned chassis helps the car to reduce its weight to be about 4850 pounds. The grille has stripped design and the sharp headlamps will be offered as standard. Besides, the external roof has a route. Buyers can pick whether they will go with 18 or 19-inch of wheels. Since it is designed to give improved off-road performance, some bodywork materials should be lighter than before. In addition, 2018 Passat has large tailgate to offer more spacious cabin design for its modern look.


You can see a full premium leather upholstery as well as metallic ways for its cabin. The size is increased to give more spacious cabin design than ever. Besides, a small dashboard is added with hot air. The touch screen display will be located in the middle of the instrument panel. For the base, it will be 5-inch and the optional is 8-inch as well as 6.5-nch. 2018 VW Passat also comes with better safety and entertainment system. As other mid-size sedan, it is important for Volkswagen to give high level of convenience in the interior design to complete drivers and passengers.


There will be five engine options to offer and these engines are paired with four-cylinder units. The output from diesel and petrol models is different to each other. For petrol, it is capable to offer 148 hp and 217 hp while diesel can offer 148 hp and 237 hp. The output will be transmitted via six-speed and advanced dual-clutch auto gearbox. If you want to get better mileage, we suggest you to go with diesel unit for 2018 VW Passat. One interesting possibility is that the use of all-wheel drive for its improved performance.

Release Date and Price

2018 VW Passat should be launched sometime in 2017 with the starting price about $22,800.