2017 Ford Lightning

Sunday, December 20th 2015. | Ford

One of the biggest plans from the Ford is release 2017 Ford Lightning. The first original of this model was introduced in 1993. Now, the automaker plans to release this car in the next year as the 2017 years model. As the new full-size pickup truck, the automaker will redesign with new look, new engine performance, new design, and others. To face the other competitors in the automotive market, the new truck will be redesigned with high performance especially the fuel consumption, maximum speed, and acceleration. This vehicle is not only designed to off-road but also on-road. The new appearance of 2017 Lightning will catch the attention of people.

Ford Lightning

Exterior and Interior

The change concept of latest Ford Lightning is very interesting and awesome. The exterior side will be more stylish look with the brand new features and better materials. The automaker does not remove the signatures of the 2017 Ford Lightening because it is as strong and powerful of this pickup truck. The car will be completed with new bumpers, grille and lights. Then, after we see the outside appearance, it can be definitely that we will also see the interior side. Compared with the previous, the cabin will be supported with modern features and some materials that have higher level of quality. Officially, the automaker redesigns the entertainment system, design, and others. It will give better riding experience. Besides that, the new touches for interior side will make feel very comfort.


The latest Ford Lightning will come with high performance than the previous one. Unfortunately, the automaker has no confirmed the main engine that will be offered for under the hood. Therefore, it will be difficult to find out the information clearly. Based on the report, the 2017 Ford Lightning will be supported with the EcoBoost engine technology. For under the hood, the unit will be composed of a 5.3 liter V8 engine. There is speculation that the new engine will give better fuel consumption than previous model.

Release Date and Price

Officially, there is still unknown the release date and the price tag of this new pickup truck. However, there is speculation that the 2017 Ford Lightning will be released in early 2017. The big expectation comes from the automaker in order to this vehicle is able to increase demand in the automobile market and can be the best competitor later.

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