2018 Fiat Freemont

Monday, December 12th 2016. | Fiat

Kia took a serious action by producing their latest 2018 Fiat Freemont that will enter the SUV class which is their evidence that they would never give up to deal with market battle. It will go with modern and elegant design and the previous model was acceptable for a younger generation. Now, it will come back to follow market competition.

2018 Fiat Freemont Front Angle

2018 Fiat Freemont Exterior

For its bodywork, the construction will be built by using light materials such as aluminum, steel and fiber. These materials are enough in order to support the performance, fuel economy and stability. The 2018 Freemont has unique look and the front has aggressive design. The grille will get a new style and it has redesigned bumper as well as headlights. The lights will be supported with LED technology to improve better visibility without spending a lot of power consumption. The front bumper will get air intakes to support the front brakes and engine cooling.

2018 Fiat Freemont Interior

There are a lot of advantages for those who want to anticipate its arrival. The 2018 Fiat Freemont will be more spacious and the cabin has higher level of quality. The seats are lined with high quality materials to provide high comfort. Some modern electronic systems will be presented. There are navigation management, air conditioning system, climate control, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, radio and quality speakers while the safety features will be blind spot warning, braking system, airbags, stability control, traction control, seat belts and more. With all rumor, it is safe to say that the vehicle is more modern because the equipment is more complete to give you high level of enjoyment.

2018 Fiat Freemont Engine

Under its bonnet, the 2018 Fiat Freemont will use Multi Jet engine and 2.0 liter to provide 138 HP. There is a big assumption that the company will empower it with a new engine as the second option which can generate the same power as the first option, but its output can be increased to 160 HP. These engines will be paired to six speed auto transmission. Sadly, we have no hints at all related to the engine details such as the mpg, acceleration and top speed level.

2018 Fiat Freemont Release Date and Price

We don’t know the exact information for its release and price, but it is expected to come on the market in the late of 2017 as the new 2018 Fiat Freemont. For the price, it can be more than the previous $35,000. This new SUV can be more expensive because its higher level of quality design and performance.