2018 Fiat Panda

Monday, January 16th 2017. | Fiat

Some interesting tweaks and redesigns will be presented in 2018 Fiat Panda. It will go with new updates and transformations. This five-seat car is also provided in three models including the base, the 4X4 model and the last is the Cross. It will not get any drastic changes and no significant changes to provide for both the design and the performance. It is still a fascinating car with some slight improvements.

2018 Fiat Panda Front Angle

2018 Fiat Panda Exterior

2018 Panda has biggest change outside. The outer part of the car will go with most remarkable transformation. It will be completed by two new colors which will be the bold and Vibrant Pastel Amore Red and the fresh and elegant Metallic Colloseo Gray. The alloy wheels are about 14-inch with the new center caps. If you don’t want to go with the 14-ninch of wheels, you can request for update with the use of 15-inch alloy wheels, but of course you have to spend more dollars.

2018 Fiat Panda Interior

The presence of UConnect Technology will be the significant update for 2018 Fiat Panda. It is a very simple feature that you can download the UConnect application on your Android or Apple and then you can strap your smartphone to your dashboard. By using this application, you can interact and control some important features by using your smartphone. It is a great feature you can use to replace the lack of touch infotainment system. Besides, it has dashboard and seat upholstery. The base model has geometric pattern upholstery and the 4X4 model as well as the Cross comes with luxurious shot fabric.

2018 Fiat Panda Engine

There will be several different engines to offer in 2018 Fiat Panda. It helps you to find the best one for you. The first engine is 1.2 liter that is capable to provide the amount of output about 69 hp. It comes with both petrol and petrol LPG option. The next option is twin cylinder 0.9 L-Twin Air engine that is capable to work for different output starting from 65 hp, 85 hp and 90 hp. The other engine is petrol methane to generate 80 hp while the last is Multi Jet diesel engine and 1.3 liter for 95 hp.

2018 Fiat Panda Release Date and Price

2018 Fiat Panda is expected to come soon and it is possible to order it from this month. The price for this cool city SUV is starting about 8950 euro and if you purchase the car in Italy, you can get about 1000 euro of discount.

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