2018 Lincoln Aviator

Thursday, November 10th 2016. | Lincoln

To revive the midsize SUV 2018 Lincoln Aviator, it doesn’t take a long way to go. Some unofficial reports on internet mentioned that it can be next year for the car to release. But these rumors have not been confirmed by the official, yet they don’t show their rejection. The nameplate was presented between 2002 and 2005. We have been waiting for several years with big expectation that it has better sales result. It was very quick for the car to be discontinued. Its design was based on Ford Explorer and we still hard to know whether it will be a crossover or SUV.

2018 Lincoln Aviator Front Angle


We must tell you first that all things about the car are still according to rumors. We have nothing else instead of speculations. The company will revive it soon as a different type of car. It seems that they will change it as a crossover, but the size is still unknown. It is important to come out as new 2018 Aviator in bigger dimension because basically the company already has a small crossover in their lineup. For its look, the styling might be designed with brand new design language but it doesn’t lose some similarities just like other new crossovers. It would be great if there are some unique details to make it more iconic than ever.

The cabin is still a big mystery to reveal. It was discontinued quite long, so what we need is to see the car with major redesign. The technology in the previous model is outdated since technology is growing every day. Therefore, we only suggest the company to provide the new 2018 Lincoln Aviator with brand new technology. Some updates might be added for its current features with latest technology version. It is also important to follow the current trend to give more convenience and modernity.


As far as we know, the original engine of 2018 Lincoln Aviator is large V8 engine but it was more than a decade. This engine is quite old. Now, there is a big trend where most automaker downsizes the engine. The most possible thing to happen can be by using V6 engine with four-cylinder unit, maybe. We predict that it will be installed with 2.7 liter EcoBoost unit to produce the amount of output about 330 hp. It is also possible to go with 3.5 liter engine to provide 365 hp.

Release Date and Price

2018 Lincoln Aviator up to now is still based on rumors. It is important to come out for 2018 season to revive its presence. But, the company has a lot thing to do to increase its sales record. The price is expected to be lower than its rivals to attract buyers.