2018 Toyota 4Runner

Monday, December 26th 2016. | Toyota

As one of true off-road SUVs, the new 2018 Toyota 4Runner will keep the life of its predecessor. As you know, the current model has been produced for several years but they wouldn’t go in 2017 because the 2018 version will be prepared with bigger and wider design so it doesn’t have good capability of off-road performance.

2018 Toyota 4Runner Front Angle

2018 Toyota 4Runner Exterior

The current generation has aggressive style and it is not what we expect from Toyota. Even if they said that it is the perfect styling for off-road performance. Some sources explained that the new 2018 4Runner will have similar design to the new Fortuner with the same platform, probably. If so, this big change will remove its current identity which will only make it similar to the RAV4, but only has bigger size. So basically the decision is on their hand, how well they can see the market and how well the opportunities to keep the life of this model.

2018 Toyota 4Runner Interior

2018 Toyota 4runner for the cabin side, there is no official announcement has been published. We are sure that they will upgrade the car to meet the latest styles and trends. Probably, it will go with high-end media system, futuristic features and optional digital display dashboard. They might remove all the boring or staid things inside.

2018 Toyota 4Runner Engine

They are not the automaker that thinks that the engine should be radical. Toyota makes everything simple when it comes to the performance. They only have a big concern on the reliability and decent power output. It is important to them to remove the old 4.0 liter and V6 engine since it doesn’t fit the current trend anymore. It would be good for them to use modern V6 engine and 3.5 liter, the smaller version that is capable to work for 300 BHP which is great to give good gas mileage. It is because many automakers work with smaller engines and it is possible for Toyota to use small turbocharged engine option in 2018 Toyota 4Runner. It seems that they don’t have a plan to offer hybrid model.

2018 Toyota 4Runner Release Date and Price

Many unofficial sources mentioned that Toyota is not in a rush to release this new 2018 Toyota 4Runner for its popularity. It means that we can see its arrival in 2019. Others mentioned that the debt will be started in 2018. The price is still the same. The base model will be about $36,000 and if they provide hybrid version, it can be more than that.