2018 Toyota Highlander

Saturday, September 24th 2016. | Toyota

For 2016, Toyota updated the highlander with new look and new powertrain. It is the prior and they go the same when they released it for 2013. Now, we glad to hear that Toyota considers keeping producing Toyota Highlander because there is a significant improvement on its sales record. This bold car is coming back as 2018 Toyota Highlander. Although it is still had to get the official information, we can rely on some rumors.

2018 Toyota Highlander Front Angle


2018 Toyota Highlander is designed as crossovers with large design. As the current model, Toyota will use the K platform that is still acceptable for future, but they must complete the platform with something new. Many unofficial sites mentioned that Toyota should forget this one and start using modular chassis. It can be used for all their transverse-front-engine models and one of them is this car. The car should be designed with lighter base underpinnings as well as body changes to lose hundred pounds. New powerful chassis and larger brakes will be added to support its performance. If it has better running gear capability, it can get new look with the extra grunt. The design should be similar to 4Runner with the more angled design. There is a big possibility to change the platform.

It is always presented as a crossover but the design can be like a minivan. Many of us expect that this concept should be changed. It must be released with more capable running gear, new engines as well as some improved features inside and outside. In addition, the company will keep the current size for 2018 Toyota Highlander but it can be taller than before to provide ample space for head room.


To support its performance, the car should offer larger towing capacity with the support of new powerful chassis and larger brakes. The similar engine will be used. As we know, the old engine is 2.7 liter and inline-four for base model will be discontinued. It will be replaced with 2.0 liter turbocharged unit to offer 200 hp and more than 300 lb-ft of torque. Another possible engine is 3.5 liter and V6 engine direct injection in 2018 Toyota Highlander. They will remove hybrid because it only gives slow performance but quite expensive. They will provide both front and all-wheel drive with eight-speed auto transmission.

Release Date and Price

Although rumors mentioned that the price will be more than $31,000, we think that it has not been confirmed yet by the official. This cost is still too far from the rivals, and therefore Toyota should give something more if they want to set that price tag for 2018 Toyota Highlander. It might be released after 2017.